What's in a name???

Copy of birth certificate - $18.00
Certified copy of divorce decree - $9.00
Trip to Provo - $3.00
Changing my name from Wright to Olsen ..... PRICELESS!!!
This will be the end of this blog. I will be creating a new blog that does not have "Wright" in the address. The past 14 1/2 years have been very interesting being "wRIGHT" all the time but it was time for a change. I kept my last name for my kids sake and when I found out that they didn't care what my last name was it was GAME ON!!!
I have also wanted to get my blog going again but didn't want to have all of you suffer through everything the past year. Once I get it caught up I will have it made into a book and start this new chapter in my life. The past decade has been tough and I have learned alot but I am excited for the next decade, so much will change in my life. Life is good!!!
I will post on this blog my new blog address when I get it created!!!


Baby Abigail is home...

Abigail and her parents have made it home safe and sound from California. They fixed Abby's broken heart and she seems to be doing well.
I had this blanket made for her and was able to see her in Primary Children's Hospital before she flew out for her surgery and give it to Jeff & Lisa. I am so happy that she made it home to be able to enjoy it.



This picture is priceless and with Abigail scheduled to have her surgery tomorrow I wanted to post it.
Good Luck Abigail.... you are in the best hands!!!


Abigail is now stable and all tubes and medication are removed. I absolutely loved this picture of her holding her own binki in. She looks absolutely perfect!!! Her heart surgery will take a little bit of creativity according to the Dr's.
Their blog is amazing if you want to keep up on her... she is an angel!!!


Pray for Baby Abby

Abigail Rose Reeves

My heart is very full and so are my eyes as I share with you this blog of Baby Abby. As many of you may or may not know the office I work at has been hit hard with the Swine Flu. But as of Monday the Swine Flu has been the least of our worries. One of my boss' (Jeff) and his wife Lisa had a beautiful baby girl on Monday afternoon and it went from a beautiful and easy birth to bad to worse... It made me realize how lucky I really am. There are worse things than divorce, there are worse things than being single and on and on.... I was able to see sweet Abby last night at Primary Children's and she is absolutley perfect, it was such a humbling & spiritual experience to be there. I felt so close to heaven and the veil, it was amazing!!! Please pray for Abby and her parents that everything will work out...


Derek's School Project...

Derek needed to do a project on Maine. This project needed to be on something that he could pull down the halls of the school. Since it was during Christmas time and the state tree of Maine in the pine tree we were set for decorations that were already out.

This was one of the easier projects that we have done since he was able to do most of the research on it at school. It is amazing to me what the internet has been able to help us with when it comes to school projects. Derek had the websites to go onto and pick out the pictures that he wanted so all I had to do was print them. I guess the school projects are getting easier too because the boys are getting older and they can help and it still looks decent.

As I was walking the halls waiting for Derek to make his way around the school I found this little project hanging on the wall of his. He is such a BOY!!!

This is what it says: (The bolded words are what Derek used to fill in the blanks)

SHOOT, SHOOT as fast as you can! You can't TACKLE me I'm the GANGSTER man!

Recipe for one SPORTS.
How to prepare:
How to cook:

I think he did ok until the "How to cook" part. He cracks me up and as long as he is playing a sport or holding some kind of ball in his hand is when he seems to be the happiest. :)

RE/MAX Results Christmas Party

For our work Christmas Party at RE/MAX Results we were able to do our own office parties and it was a lot of fun. I love planning parties on someone elses dime. We were able to use a Club House at one of our agents condo rentals, it was awesome. I went to my grandparents home around 2:00 and stole their tree, mantel piece & a few other decorations to help the club house feel a little more like Christmas. It turned out awesome and we had a ton of fun. My mom made the food, we had teriyaki chicken, rice, salad, fruit & yummy deserts. We had 3 girls from Snow College come and dance for us, they did awesome!!! It was kind of fun to have something different than a traditional Christmas party.
We didn't have a big office so it wasn't a big party but it was fun.


Clancey showing Brad how it's done

Dan learning how to SHAKE IT!!!

Kenny could not get it down, he looked like he was riding a bull

Jeff wondering what the HECK I have gotten him into

The 3 girls that came and danced for us, the did a great job!!!

Road Rage Update...

This post will be a little out of order but I thought I better get this one out of the way. Mr. "Not so very nice guy" went to court on January 15, 2009. They dropped the charges at this point. He wanted to push forward and go to the end but the prosecuting attorney knew it would be a "he said" "she said" game and it would take time and money so she dropped it. She did tell me that she had a long heart to heart talk with him and told him that the way he was acting was very inappropriate and could have hurt someone. Of course I had to call the next day to find out what had happened. I wanted to know from beginning to end what happens in a road rage case. I guess when it was all said and done it was a lot of stress with not to much accomplished. Thanks for all your support, everyone who commented at the beginning of all of this really helped me get through it & I hope to never have to do a "ROAD RAGE" post again. :-)